arch_TECHA_ture ("techa" a play on technology and bilbiotheca, Latin for library) is a curation project that gathers information at the intersection of art, architecture, and design-related fields and technology and education. 

It operates on an educator-as-futurist model. If you are an educator or enthusiast experimenting in smart technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, or postmodern education check back here often. arch_TECHA_ture has content for you.

Cathryn is the Head of the Art & Architecture Library at Virginia Tech and an art and architecture aficionado. She has produced and collaborated on projects that range from using technology as reference and teaching tools to collaborative approaches to architecture education. Her research examines new ways to advance the field of librarianship in support of the disciplines of art and architecture. Her most significant contribution to humankind is raising two boys as the next generation of thinkers and creators.


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