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Every three months (or so) arch_TECHA_ture will share three of our favorite sources to peruse in the 3x3x3 series. To keep with the the theme of threes we will share the top three things we like about the source.

1. Institute for the Future

Mark this under standing the test of time. Institute for the Future (IFTF) has been helping to inform businesses, governments, and social organizations for over 50 years.

Browse the annual Ten-Year Forecasts to see how the past viewed the future.

Covers a wide range of futurist topics from city planning, agriculture, technology for kids, and everything in between.

2. MIT Technology Review

Again, another sources that stands the test of time with the earliest issues dating back to 1900s.

Few sources seem ready to engage the topic of ethics. MIT is trying.

Take note of the EmTech event. The price tag is hefty for a 2 day conference but the content must be so worth it.

3. Technology | Architecture + Design

Peer-reviewed international journal of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture that offers an in depth, scholarly approach to topics that other sources only touch on.

Themed issues make it easy to dive in when you want to.

The Extra Content section, namely the Research Webinars, are a must see for academic researchers.