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Distributed Work Playbooks

Let's give the distributed people some attention.

Out of sight, out of mind. Distance employees are at a disadvantage when it comes to recognition and promotion. Politically they can't grab coffee with a co-worker. It's harder to make small chat before the meeting starts. Not to mention the potential for distraction once the meeting actually begins. Many times it is these seemingly small interactions that lead to career moves. So, let's start giving the distance employees some much deserved attention.

Like always, Google is on it. The Distributed Work Playbooks are by no means mind blowing, but it's a start and the best effort toward locality inclusion that we've seen. They offer good advice for all players in the game: employees, managers, and leaders. Employees should remove distractions and unmute themselves. Managers and leaders should find methods of communication, how about a team chat box that is always on? Most importantly, appreciate and respect cultural differences. We can't expect everyone to be like ourselves, and definitely not when we communicate with them through a computer screen.

These tips can impact more than just distance employees--how about distance students, distance instructors, MOOC etiquette, etc. Even as technology changes, Google's Distributed Work Playbooks offer technology-defying advice on how to be a good co-worker.