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Ideas = Action

IdeasCity is creative, collaborative, civic platform to make things happen.

An initiative from the New Museum in New York is an engine for change. The IdeasCity dissects one city at a time, New Orleans, Toronto, and New York to name a few, by organizing what essentially sounds like a big party. Panel discussions and workshops are augmented with poetry slams, campaign launches, interactive films, and DJs. The ultimate purpose being to bring innovators and practitioners together to reflect on art, culture, and urban environments.

In addition to all that, IdeasCity collects initiatives in 100+ Actions. The featured projects range from digital radio platforms to a food directory in Detroit. The website provides a snippet into each project with a button to "Connect". Curation at it's best.

Mostly, we're inspired by the platform IdeasCity provides. How could this be recreated for the initiatives we are all working on? Lectures are over. Architecture schools are one of the worst culprits, touting the starchitects they attract in any given year. Let's start planning more workshops, festivals, residencies, and just be humans, having fun together, solving world problems.