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Is Interactive Art, Technology?

Daniel Rozin uses mechanical mirrors to create interactive art. The interactive part is critical to the success of his work.

Rozen, D. Weave Mirror [prints, motors, video camera, control electronics]. http://www.smoothware.com/danny/weavemirror.html

Interactive art is nothing new these days. Lots of artists play with making art interactive, primarily through the use of light. Rozen, as well, uses light but experiments with the materials that it reflects, like wood or soft pom-poms. Check out his website for visuals of these works.

These projects got us wondering, is interactive art considered technology? Can art be technology? A piece of technology or the purpose of technology can be artistic, or rather well designed. Apple use to be good a that. But, will art ever be technology? As we understand it, technology has a scientific component to it. Even though an artist might use technology to create their projects, it does not make the project a piece of technology. So, will an indefinite line divide art and technology?