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Making Sense of the Smart City

What is a Smart City? ARCHITECT unpacks what it means to be a Smarty City and all that it entails in a series of stories, debates, and interviews.

Smart cities are the next big opportunity for architects and information professionals to work together. The success of them depends on it. We will be facing conglomerates to design our future built and data-rich environments.

“I had a sinking feeling as I was listening to the talks by these prominent figures in the field of smart cities because the city used to be the domain of the architect, and now, frankly, they have made it their domain. This transfer of authority has been achieved in a clever way by calling their city smart—and by calling it smart, our city”—i.e., the city of the architect—“is condemned to being stupid.” -Rem Koolhaas

The series raises questions about the politics of #smartcities. What happens to the autonomy of our cities when corporations like AT&T are major players in the game? How can we build grassroots smart cities to craft the utopia we all imagine?

What's Next? Stories From the Making Sense of Smart City Feature Package.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of Making Sense of the Smart City for the full package including: The Smart City That Wasn't, Google in Toronto: A Question of Privacy, Future Proofing the Smart City, Q+A: What Is a Smart City? Three Experts Explain, and The Smart City as a Billboard of Progress.