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Should Libraries Be the Keepers of Their Cities’ Public Data?

The answer is, yes. Grab on to anything #data.

Citylab published this article on the topic in early 2019. It's an overview of #libraries that are trying to be or already players in the game.

As #smartcities rollout they will require anything and everything data to work effectively. Libraries have always been referred to as the heart of a city or institution, whether that is true or not is up for debate. Regardless, they are an engine for research and production.

Let's make libraries the hub for data. Imagine walking into the public library or university library and seeing a "wall," touchscreen, hologram, or otherwise, of data. It is the one central place to visualize everything that is going on in the smart city or smart campus.

Libraries are leaders in digital inclusion and literacy. For smart cities to maximize their potential, they will require free and accessible data. The creation of #artificialintelligence technologies depend on it. Let libraries be the leaders, as we always have been, and give everyone an even playing field for creating these new technologies. Data is the new gold.