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Technology to Fight Fake News

What capabilities does VR technology have for fighting our fake news problem?

Apple's latest patent was made public this week.

"The granted patent described a head-mounted display that could be used to overlay virtual key labels onto a touch screen display on a physical keyboard or onto a touch screen display in a tablet computer or other electronic device."

We're not entirely sure what the intended use is but the article goes on to explain that users working on a secret document will be able to see that document in the headset while a dummy document displays on their desktop screen. Wouldn't using a headset with a desktop display be a red flag to any onlooking coworkers?

Who knows what they are up to. It did make us think how something like this could be useful and our first thought was fake news. What if you were able to put on a headset and it would help analyze a news article for accuracy. We'll leave it at that.

And, if anyone wants to collaborate on the development of this idea contact us via our About page. We could solve the world's fake news problem together!