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Technology Transforming Preservation

How can technology preserve art and architecture?

We often find ourselves referencing this quote.

“Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”-R. Buckminister Fuller

It's just so relevant. Especially, in the last few years with drones more mainstream and virtual reality in the later stages of beta form. But, how and why are we using this technology? Is getting our prescriptions delivered by drone making us a better human race?

The technology available today has so much potential. In 2018, Forum Journal unpacked how technology can be used for preservation. The issue is available behind a paywall here.

Here's some ideas and thoughts to ponder. How can drones help us fight climate change? They have unlimited potential in capturing the damage done over the long term. To the same regard, they can document how cities change over time or towns develop or how people move through their neighborhoods. By using technology in this way we could leave historical reference for future generations. Presumably, we could get our prescriptions flown to us too.

Of less interest is how social media posts can be archived. However, it does raise interesting questions about our longterm use of these platforms. One software that is under used is ESRI Story Maps. It has the capability to share information based on location, but it doesn't have to. It can share information in a linear, yet interactive, format as well. With all the emphasis on storytelling these days, this software combines the best of both worlds--preservation and storytelling.