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urbanization.org/ rethinks publication and interactive content.

This resources comes in two parts.

Part one of the project involved translating Ildefons Cerdà's General Theory of Urbanization 1867 to English. Volume I was published March 2018 by Actar. Volume II is published on their Big Data Platform. Take note of the exquisite interactive 3D visualizations of Barcelona from 1867 and 2017 and the open tool for #datavisualizations.

Part two of the project is urbanization.org.

"urbanization.org is an non-profit open platform launched by IAAC that promotes a rational analysis of urban reality on a global scale using digital tools, so that the challenges facing cities in the coming years can be addressed in a more efficient and innovative way, for the benefit of the common good. "

The projects tackled by the organization look at analyzing city structures with the "aim of improving the impact of future urban regeneration projects and new settlements in cities around the world. "

One project worth taking a closer look at is the City Simulator. A digital tool that seeks to improve resilience of cities. A much needed task, as is the publication and organization in general. This smart project is addressing issues at multiple levels.