• arch_TECHA_ture

Women in Technology and Design

Equity matters.

Only twenty five percent of professionals in technology or architecture are women. Many of these women themselves are guilty of gender inequities. In a moving keynote for the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture conference last week, Tatiana Bilbao, whose work focuses on social housing, confessed that even she could do better. Actually, we all can.

arch_TECHA_ture works at the intersection of design (male-dominated) and technology (male-dominated) and libraries (female-dominated, at least in the administrative ranks). From experience, none of these sectors is easier than an other to succeed in. They all present their own difficulties with the common thread of women's ideas not being taken as seriously as men's. However, we are working on a number of initiatives to change that.

In libraries, we are actively building our collections to be more representative of women and minorities in architecture and design. This does not just mean books on women designers, it means books on issues important to women designers: equal pay, work life balance, sexism, etc. In addition, we do our best to support female-owned business when furnishing public spaces and bring attention to that effort through displays and collections. We are also developing tools to assist in teaching more female designers in our curriculums, such as the Women in Architecture and Design resource guide.

Look for more ways we are getting involved on arch_TECHA_ture in the upcoming year including a contributed chapter to the upcoming book Art at the Intersection of Librarianship and Social Justice and IRB-approved research on how libraries can better support female and female-identified architecture students.